Welcome to John’s Bug Shop.

John’s Bug Shop is a full V-Dub Service Shop as well as a V-Dub Parts and Accessories Store.

We have 4 Service Bays, and a large Retail Store

We are a 100% Canadian owned business. We are a family run business.

We have been doing business from Southern, Ontario Canada for over 28 years.

We are located in Welland, Ontario, between Lake Ontario & Lake Erie.

Our shop is just 2 minutes from the Welland Canal that connects the two Great lakes together.

Since we are based in Canada, you don’t have to worry about extra import duties, or brokerage fees that you get when ordering from the USA companies.

When placing your order on line at John’s Bug Shop, it will be processed and charged in Canadian Dollars.

Due to the age and non-standard nature of aircooled Volkswagens you will notice that we run our web store in a unique manner.

When an order is placed through our webstore, an email will then be sent to one of our sales staff.

At that time we will contact you and verify the order is correct as well as answer any questions you may have concerning the parts.

When the order is verified we will confirm payment and shipping details.

Through our experience, we believe that this is the best process for ordering parts.

It will ensure that you order and receive the correct parts for your application.

Please understand that we have a large inventory of items in stock that are not listed in the webstore.

Please call or email us if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Thank You for shopping at John’s Bug Shop