The June Jitter Bug has grown over the years into becoming one of Ontario’s Largest VW shows. With show car attendance peaking over 350, its hard to view all of the cars displayed.

In a park setting with plenty of shade, a playground, hiking trails and close to factory outlet shopping malls, it makes for a great day for the whole family.

Judging a show of this size, has always had some technical issues. Like how do you judge so many cars, in such a small amount of time.

For example: 350 show cars, X 5 minutes per car to judge = 1750 minutes

1750 minutes divided by 60 minutes (or how many hours) = 29.16 hrs

Award ceremony would be late Monday evening. This is not going to happen.

Even with two sets of judges 14.58 hrs is not going to cut it.

Lets look at it differently.

350 show cars x 1 minute each. = 350 minutes divided by 60 = 5.83 hrs.

With two sets of Judges this would take 2.9-3.0hrs

This is a little more realistic.

So with that said, we hope it explains why we judge the show the way we do. We are always looking for suggestions and ways to improve the event.

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On Sunday the gates open for Car show participants at 8:00am.

Judging is done when you go through the entrance gates. Immediately when entering you will be directed to and through the judging lanes. Once your car is judged, you will be directed to the car show area where you can park where ever you wish. After parking your vehicle, please don’t forget to register and pick up your goody bag at the registration trailer.

Please understand that over the years we have found this to be a better format for getting vehicles through the gate and judged most fairly. Nobody wants to wait in line. We understand.

We have tried many different formats and this seems to work best. After the show we do ask that you try and clean up your area. Please do not leave a mess. Thank You.